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No budget to hire sales, marketing, support staff?

No idea how to get new customers online?

No strategy to build social media following?

No time to engage with customers online?

Meet your new, full-time, do-it-all staff member - a CHATBOT.

A chatbot is a computer program designed to meet, support and engage with your customers online.

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What can a chatbot do for your business?

Experience the endless possibilities and benefits of chatbots. Here are just some of the ways how a chatbot can help your business grow exponentially.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Customers want results and answers, NOW. 40% don’t care if they are getting help from a human or chatbot.

Make it easier for your visitors to connect with your business by answering their questions 24/7.

Increase Your Revenue

Customers want to be instantly and fully informed before making a purchase.

Enhance customers’ shopping experiences with on-going personalized conversations about your products and services.

Skyrocket Your Lead Gen

Customers are tired of exchanging their email for useless giveaways.

Build strong relationships with your visitors and turn them into valuable leads by automatically qualifying them.

Showcase Your Brand

Customers expect a more authentic relationship with businesses.

Engage customers in a 1-to-1 conversation without distractions via daily brand updates through humor and storytelling.

Leave Humans for Human Stuff

Humans (including you and your employees) are doing repetitive, error-prone tasks.

Let chatbots perfectly handle all of the monotonous stuff. Allow humans to focus 100% on valuable tasks that require a human touch.

Scale Your Business

It’s difficult to scale your business even if you have the resources.

Your always-on chatbot can be built and trained to enhance your marketing, sales, support, brand building.

Why a Facebook Messenger chatbot?

Facebook Messenger is one of the most powerful communication apps of all time with over 1 billion monthly active users. With new Messenger advertising tools, you can now engage with your target customers directly – and with chatbots do so around the clock.


Monthly Active Businesses on Facebook Messenger


Messages are exchanged between customers and businesses every month on Messenger

Discover the power of chatbots and Messenger marketing

Align your company with the future of marketing and doing business online – a combination of Messenger marketing, Facebook ads, and chatbots.

Boost Your Marketing


Boost your conversation rate by up to 40% by using Facebook ads linked to your Messenger chatbot!

Automatically welcome new customers on your Facebook page and help them discover your brand and services.

Build your (super high reach) Messenger list and delight your customers with interactive content, personalized messages, and exclusive offers.

Your Secret Sales Weapon


Collect customer information in a much more intuitive and less intrusive manner.

Nurture and qualify leads automatically, and book meetings and demos for your sales agents 24/7.

Provide your customers with a personal concierge that recommends products and services that match their needs.

Caring for Customers


Delight your customers and eliminate long-wait times by delivering lightning-fast, 24/7 customer service experiences at scale and at a fraction of the cost.

Free up your team from repetitive work by automating your FAQ, transferring customers to your humans only when the time is right.

Your bot building services

Get quickly and seamlessly up and running with a chatbot for your business. And if you are looking for a more advanced solution contact us for a free consultation.

Starter Bot: Get Leads & Subscribers


  • Lead Generation Bot
  • Build Messenger List
  • Messenger Auto-Responder
  • Send Promo Content & Offers
  • Professional Consultation
  • Bot Setup & Implementation
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Premium Bot: Qualify & Recommend


  • Lead Generation & Qualification Bot or
  • Product Recommendation Bot
  • Build Messenger List
  • Messenger Auto-Responder
  • Qualify & Segment Leads
  • CRM Leads Integration with Zapier
  • Send Content & Offers
  • Professional Consultation
  • Bot Setup & Implementation
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Advanced Bot: Custom Integrations & Features

  • Looking for a custom bot with special integrations or advanced features such as AI? Contact us for a free consultation.
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Monthly Bot Support

starting from


  • Professional Consultation
  • Messenger Marketing + Facebook Ads Strategy
  • Bot Design, Setup, Implementation
  • ManyChat, Chatfuel, Mobile Monkey
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Our Partner Technologies

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Do I pay the bot platform plan costs myself?

  • Yes, as the exclusive owner of the bots we build for you, you will just need to pay a monthly bot hosting cost starting from $15 directly to ManyChat, ChatFuel or Mobile Monkey.

Can you help me build a website too?

  • Yes, we can! Prepare yourself for owning a beautiful, high-converting website that goes hand-in-hand with your chatbot and the latest in messenger marketing strategies.

Meet our team

We have created the Bot Marketing Agency from our shared desire to help businesses, especially small ones, in the most impactful way that we know – through the unlimited power and potential of chatbots.

And when you invest in your dreams through our work, you’re also contributing to building a better world. Because with every chatbot you create with us, you help children and women in need.

Jay Ho

Account Manager

Binh Ho


Agnieszka Osuch

Conversation Design

Yuji Kinjo


I was opening an art gallery in Portland and needed a professional website built quickly. I found Jay very open to my input and his willingness to show me before and after versions of his decisions and of my requests enabled us to finalize the design very rapidly. I’m extremely satisfied with the process and finished website, and am greatly looking forward to designing the chatbot together. I highly recommend Jay and the Bot Marketing Agency for your website and chatbot design.

Harold PetersArlene Enns Gallery, Portland

As one of Vancouver’s premier home development companies, we were excited to rebrand ourselves this year to match our company’s growth. We contacted Binh and Jay and the Bot Marketing Agency to help us redesign our website and are thrilled with it - we’ve received tremendous feedback! The Bot Marketing Agency team are now helping us build a chatbot and we can’t wait to show it off!

Romeo BuiTyko Development, Vancouver

Jay has helped transform my business here in Randwick, Sydney by first taking his time to fully understand my business goals and then by helping me build a strategy to create an online presence to serve our customers better. The website and chatbot that the Bot Marketing Agency have created have enabled us to engage with our customers online and build key partnerships with other healthy lifestyle businesses in the community.

Irene JiangSprout Salad Bar, Sydney

Transform your business with chatbots

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